Define and apply Scope

The aim of the literature search was to be comprehensive and attempt to cover the breadth and range of literature in the subject area and as such, no limits of date range, language, or type of publication were used.

A pilot screening took place: all results from the databases were screened twice, independently, based on title and abstract. The screening was then discussed and debated and inclusion criteria agreed – which was then applied to all database search findings:

“The paper or output describes a design process taking place in a health or social care context”

We chose to reject the paper if there was no abstract and/or it was unclear as to whether it was relevant (title/abstract screening only)

Both primary research and theoretical/review papers were included, the main focus of the paper was design/innovation in a health or wellbeing setting.

The searches, across all the databases, yielded 1185 results when duplicate results were removed (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Number of results, per database