Grey Literature Review

Conference search

To try to ensure a comprehensive review we committed to undertake a Grey literature review, recognising the range of modes of dissemination and forms of outputs generated by a design process. With advice from the Librarian we manually searched all the abstracts from the two key conferences in the area of Design and Health. Design4Health (2011 and 2013) and Include (2001 – 2013) identifying 625 abstracts of which 149 were in determined to be in scope.

Google Search

To complete the grey literature search and in collaboration with our librarian a protocol was developed to undertake a ‘rigorous’ Google Search [to mirror standard design student practice]. A reduced version of the database search terms, (Google is limited to a 32 words maximum per query) was led and developed by the librarian until the following search string was agreed.

Google Search

The Google search algorithm is sophisticated and searches different spellings, endings so no further wildcard symbols were required.

The top 120 results were imported manually into a spreadsheet and then reviewed as to whether they were in scope by the core team. This process led to a further 14 articles being added to the review.