Setting Total ChartImmediately apparent from the results of the Library Database search is the high incidence of the Not Specified code (71 results). As an example of this, Wolpin, S, et al. (2014) describe the development of an Internet-based Cancer symptom and Quality-of-Life support system. The abstract for this work describes the Population (Adults), Methods (User-centred Design), Clinical Condition (Oncology), and what is produced (Digital Artefact; Website). As such, the omission of the Setting does not necessarily belie a poorly constructed abstract.

Figure 9 – Instances of the Setting code per search

Instances of the Setting code per search
The totals for settings, discounting the ‘not specified’ articles tell an interesting story that mirrors the challenges facing 21st century healthcare provision. The Hospital setting still is very dominant as a place where a large proportion of healthcare budget is spent. This is consistent across the three search strategies. Health and social care needs to move away from the bricks and mortar of hospitals and so it is encouraging to see a large proportion of the design projects here being undertaken in the community and Normal Life settings. Perhaps the user-centred focus of design is identifying that health will eventually have to be personalised and personal sooner than existing methods of enquiry.